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Our coaching aims to help you to flourish!

It is confidential and based on trust, respect, openness, honesty and faith in your potential.


"Tony was able to help me focus on the big issues and as a true coach enabled me to come up with solutions to what initially seemed like unsolvable problems."  Director of Development and Alumni Relations, UK University


In a coaching programme we will help you to identify where you are now, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there - thereby establishing a number of specific goals.  We will then help you to address and achieve these goals through examining in detail the full reality of your situation, identifying and examining options, selecting the best way ahead and committing to action.


We do this through a supportive, non-directive approach - listening intently and asking questions (including appropriately challenging questions) - thereby helping you to think clearly, address difficult issues and work out your own solutions to the challenges that you face.  


When it is helpful, and with your permission, we can also use our knowledge and experience to provide ideas and options for you to consider.


Coaching programmes are designed around your needs.  Typically, a programme will often comprise some six sessions, with a session taking place every month or two and lasting up to two hours. 


Leadership Mentoring


We offer leadership mentoring to help strong leaders to become even better, and those who are finding their way to develop.


Leadership mentoring can be stand-alone or combined with a coaching programme.  We tailor our approach to meet your requirements.


As both a Coach and a Mentor, Anthony uses his ten years experience as a coach and leadership mentor, and his experience of senior leadership in the British Army, to help leaders at all levels to rise to the opportunities and challenges that they face - and to flourish. Our Associates bring their extensive experience and expertise to bear in the same way.


"Tony has given me the confidence to achieve.  Coaching sessions with Tony are action orientated and extremely supportive."  Associate Director, UK University


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